Naanou was originally developed by me during the course of my university studies - it was my honours thesis. One goal of the thesis was to investigate applying group cooperation theory to a decentralised anarchic environment such as a P2P filesharing community. The second goal was to look at new distributing computing methods, and see if they can be applied to a 'consumer' P2P system such as a file sharing client.

To test my theories I went about developing a prototype. The prototype was released to an open group of testers, and their experiences were surveyed and used for my thesis. Now that I have graduated, I'm releasing the source to Naanou.

Open Source Motivations

I put a lot of work into the system, and thought it was quite cool, it did a lot of things better than other P2P systems at the time (and indeed, even now it does some things better). Unfortunately I don't have the time to make it 100% robust or continually improve it. It is however, highly functional and usable by an end-user.

By open sourcing it, I hope that other people will pick it up and improve upon it - releasing binaries and making a viable P2P alternative. If not, at least some of the code in Naanou can be reused in other Open projects.

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